We have a new normal for living and now there’s a new way to digital market. If you thought that the internet was crowded before, think about how everyone is now online, working from home, streaming, video chatting, watching webinars, on social double the time then what they were on previously. Constant announcements about Covid, about what each and every business is doing to adhere to CDC guidelines, changing the way they do business, “we’re still here for you” campaigns etc., etc. I have weekly conversations with my clients about how to properly address the situation, how far do you go addressing the issue or not addressing the issue.

I feel like we have 2 new normals coming our way. One, how we function daily as a community – working from home, traveling less, kids not in school, mask requirements, social distancing requirements, and a sea of political news with constant conflicts which move in to social conflicts and opinions – it quite frankly can get overwhelming on an hourly basis. And two, how do you move forward as this is not a phase – whether anyone likes it or not, things have changed and aren’t going back to the way they are. So what are the steps that you can take as a business to work towards your “new normal.” I feel like from a sanity stand point, get a plan sooner than later. What is the contingency plan if everything gets shut down again – are you ready, do you have a digital strategy, is your website up to date, is your social media engaging, do your emails still make an impact like they used to? Many of the answers to those questions might be no, or “I’m holding my breath and waiting for things to lighten up.” I get it, I’ve been there – there are days that I cannot believe I am back in the entrepreneurial game – I get tired thinking about it. But then I remember that passion and the clients that I get to work with and I get all fired up.

But, this isn’t about me. This is about you and your work/life balance in this new normal. Digitally, get on board – get on the highest board possible and jump. Get engaged, get out there in as many places as you can – be relentless. For life balance – I’m a big fan of You Tube workout videos – sometimes its a hard spin class, sometimes its some yoga or pilates or ballet. Have kids? Me too – I was adamant about not ever letting TVs in there bedrooms now…..well, we all get to have some alone time and watch our own shows. Whatever it takes, find “you” time – even if it is 5 minutes hiding in the bathroom (been there) take it!! I promise, when you get that – your business mind will thrive, it cuts through the noise. And make sure you have a circle, confidants, mentors and selfishly – me. I can help to navigate this wild digital world, listen and create a go forward campaign to get you re-engaged with your customers on your own level in your own voice. Cut through that noise and reach them once again. We are all in this together and we will get through this together.

Be safe, be successful.