Angelina M. Greer, MBA

Helping organizations stay on schedule, on spec, and ultimately on an upward trajectory of success and growth through digital marketing.

Responsible for overseeing the achievement of larger organizational goals. Coordinating efforts between different projects; such as website development, creative asset development, brand promotion & protection, social media account management, advertising management, reporting & analysis. Leading the overall program with strong attention to strategy, implementation, and delegation.


  • Digital Media and Strategy
  • Team Leadership
  • Program Management
  • Product Positioning and Branding
  • Public and Media Relations Coordination, local and national outlets
  • Website Design and Development including buyers journey to increase time on page and page views


  • Contract Negotiations to save money and gain more in advertising benefits
  • Email Marketing/Webinars
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Commercials/Video creation
  • Printing Management

Brands I've Worked With

Designs I've Done