We are back, for our regularly scheduled programming – but just better. At one point, a certain number of years ago – we launched a campaign that was called “you haven’t seen anything yet.” And it was the addition of new people and new services. We went from web and graphic design to a full service advertising agency complete with the capabilities to launch full campaigns, branding, marketing strategies, commercials, you name it. All while continuing our core services of design, website design & development, and printing.

For some reason, the song lyrics “Backstreets back, alright!” are stuck in my head, to the tune that I am currently listening to that great 90’s song while writing this – or is 2000s? I can’t keep track. It is a great song, and reminds me of simpler times, you know – high school. And I know that you are chuckling right now because high school – when you are IN high school – is never simple. Every other day your “life is over” because your boyfriend broke up with you, you are fighting with your bestie or it is a combo of the two. Looking back – WAY simpler times that what is going on right now. The world in turmoil, a pandemic and me – launching a new campaign to re-ignite my company. As many of you may or may not know, my father was an intricate part of not only my life – but my business. And when he died in 2015, my heart could not withstand the grief. I lost the passion to do what I had so loved for over a decade. Day in and day out I had dedicated my world to my business, to my identity and in a brief moment of time – it all changed.

I went rogue, really rogue. I went and got married, gained 3 delightful stepdaughters and thought “self you know what sounds fun?” Go get a corporate job, so I did. It was the best time of my life for 1.5 years util Covid. The question? What was gained and what was lost?

What was gained was a greater experience level in digital strategy and program management. Stronger leadership skills within a team which translates to stronger relationship building with clients and companies. What was lost – nada.

So OMG, we’re back again. We are going to do this better and stronger – creating better campaigns across the digital atmosphere to rock your company.

Ready to get started? Contact me, and let’s get our 90’s groove back (or 2000s) to make a positive impact.

ALRIGHT! We also LOVE referrals…